Licensing News in 60 seconds Episode 1:
Royalty Settlement Status & Minimum Guarantee Analyse Immediatly Accessible

2 APR, 2020

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On our first episode of Licensing news in 60 seconds we are introducing our new application created and integrated into our LiVe Licensing Cloud Solution, the Royalty Settlement Status app. With this all licensing professionals can have immediate information about all minimum guarantees and reported royalties of their business partners in just seconds. Solving this way one of the major problems in Royalty Management. 

Main advantages of the Royalty Settlement Status app: 

  • Powerful and complete information without having piles of paper
  • No more checking royalty statements
  • Skip the endless searching for contracts and any documents
  • No need to ever again call your accounting team for information
  • Immediate and automated processing of new information

Our mission is to solve problems in the management of your Rights, Royalties, and Licensing business and make licensing professionals’ life easier. With LiVe you can keep track of the minimum guarantee status of your contracts in realtime and online.


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