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With us, having your SAP system being up and running becomes a matter of course

A lot of companies using an SAP solution, once the go-live is made and the consulting company has left the building, take for granted that the new SAP system will simply run and be available without any further attention.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

Like any complex system or machine, SAP systems need at least a minimum of maintenance. Some companies using SAP systems seem to be not aware of this, therefore they follow a “concept” of doing nothing until the system is not working or users can’t access anymore. Afterwards, they try to correct the issue if possible. As everyone can imagine, this can not be foreseen or even planned, resulting in the possibility of the issue not being solved in an acceptable timeframe.

Meanwhile, users are blocked, dependent processes are interrupted and data integrity is at risk. Our professional SAP Monitoring services prevent companies from running into these problems. We use the latest tools and applications to have a continous overview on how the system health is and in what condition all of its components are. In addition, we leverage artificial intelligence procedures to predict any problematic system state in the future.

Keeping your system safe and running uninterrupted is our only objective.

Avoiding data loss, downtimes, performance issues and any direct consequential costs are only your benefits.

Benefits by using our SAP Monitoring services

Proactive Monitoring

With our proactive monitoring approach, we not only check how your system is doing right now, but our SAP technology experts work to predict what is the most likely system state in the future, based on historical data, formulas and our experience. We detect situations with any parameter beyond normal that we determine will lead to problems in the future.  From very early we can take countermeasures and initiate the solution of a problem which you will never notice.

Experts and tools working hand in hand

As with any monitoring, most of the times you will see the system in good condition and nothing critical happening. 
But it is that one moment, when a future problem shows its first signs, we want to catch.
In fact, we have established a perfect mix. In one hand, automated tools to cover the routine work of collecting data, checking parameters based on rules and raising alerts. On the other hand, you will have our experts checking every single alert in detail to make sure that no situation becomes a problem.

High cost savings while running your systems uninterrupted

Having the most cost effective mix of experts and tools minimizes costly manual routine work and guarantees system stability. In addition, it frees internal technical resources who can then concentrate on other important tasks. The issue of internal resources being on vacation, out sick, or unavailable for other reasons will no longer be an impact on your system’s stability.

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