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LiVe helps the music industry manage their royalties processes and to increase sales.

In addition to LiVe’s cross-industry functionalities, here you can find specialized features supporting your individual industry needs. 

Music royalties and Publishing rights management - LiVe - AScorpi Gmbh

Music related use cases

LiVe supports a lot of specific use cases which are especially relevant to the Music industry. Some of them are:

  • Grouping of titles for contracts and Royalties
  • Advances and Royalties with settlement for specific rights/parameters
  • Cross contract settlement
  • Calculation using price per unit or others
  • Scale levels based on specific parameters
  • Deduction and handling of marketing expenses
  • Multiple titles per contract
  • Flully flexible Royalties / billing periods (e.g. monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual)

Special Composer's Royalty Scenarios

Especially for the Music Industry, LiVe is able to calculate the particpation shares or Royalty statements based on several parameters a composer contributed, such as :

  • Multiple composer contracts with different royalty calculations
  • Split payment to multiple composers
  • Split payment for a single composer to multiple heirs
  • Avoid invoicing for Returns
  • Percentage of contribution by composer per title
  • Negative Royalty processing for negative transaction data or Returns including handling as additional advances
Music royalties and rights management - LiVe - AScorpi Gmbh
Music royalties and rights management - LiVe - AScorpi Gmbh

Online Shop & Streaming platform support

The Calculation for Music titles can be set up differently for CD/DVD or streaming and online sales. Sales or download data from online shops and streaming platforms can be ingested into LiVe for further processing.

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