SAP Maintenance

Every house needs a solid foundation

For over 15 years we have handled the running of SAP systems for our clients while they concentrate on their real businesses.
We are experts in day-to-day tasks that keeps your SAP system safe, higly performant, accessible and up to date. Save costs and reduce risks.
Your SAP application is needed for your business processes and therefore you need to rely on the availability of its services as a solid foundation of your SAP infrastructure.
Let us take care of it!


We ensure that your system is under surveillance and that any critical or beyond normal parameter situation is taken care of and that no problem will arise from it.

Update and Patch Service

Our professionals make sure your SAP Basis system (including SAP Gateway),  operating systems and databases (including SAP HANA) are up to date.                                

Technical Services including Emergency Tasks

AScorpi supports project tasks such as installation, system copy, client copy, user management, SAP OSS Services, Solution Manager, unicode conversion, OS/DB migrations, general connectivity, release change and more, along with any effort that needs to be taken to keep or set back the system to operational after an emergency.

Backup Services

We take care that the backup of data and the system runs regularly, and more importantly, successfully, so that data can be restored if needed.                                  

With SAP Systems maintained and taken care of by us, you can take your SAP applications being available for granted.

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