Revenue Engine

If Revenue matters RevEnge is your choice!

Ingest Data

Ingest revenue relevant data into RevEnge from various different sources. Automated data validation guarantees data integrity. Work on problematic source data, adjust, reject or release them for further processing.

Recognize Revenue

Select revenue to be recognized on a granular level (e.g. by period, client, media rights/territories, contract, installment). Use mass update functionality to set dates (e.g delivery) for a large number of items.

Flexibly apply rules

Define revenue rules based on your needs or use more than 100 predefined data elements such as “Date of Material Acceptance” and  “License Period Begin” to let RevEnge determine which Deferred Revenue is eligible for Recognition.

Integrate with Contracts & Financials

Handle postings to any financial ERP system like SAP S/4 or SAP ECC automatically. Separate deferred revenue from recognized, work with billed/unbilled, earned/unearned, paid/unpaid information and view the posting and payment statuses in RevEnge. Automatically update contracts and financials when adjustments are made in RevEnge.

Revenue engine - RevEnge - AScorpi GmbH

Behind the scenes

Revenue engine - RevEnge - AScorpi GmbH

Modern User interface

RevEnge uses SAP FIORI and UI5 technology as the state of the art technology for professional applications.

High Performance

Running an SAP HANA database in memory, you do not have to wait for any data to load. Access information instantly and filter to your needs in real-time.

On-premise or cloud

RevEnge can be fully integrated into your infrastructure, run separately on your systems, or be used as a full cloud solution.

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