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We know LiVe will help your Club or Organization. How do we know that? Successfully supporting the Licensing for the world's biggest soccer event, the World Cup, in 2006, using the core functionality of LiVe, should be proof enough. Since then we did not stop improving and now can help even better.

Andreas Scholten

CEO AScorpi GmbH and former CIO & SVP Rights and Licensing EM.TV & Merchandising AG

In addition to LiVe’s cross-industry functionalities, here you can find specialized features supporting your individual industry needs. 

Innovative Sponsoring management

With Live you can manage your kit and matchday sponsorship deals, co-branding deals and more. The system can be adjusted to your needs. Managing all your sponsorship deals has never been so easy.

Sports Rights and License Management - LiVe - AScorpi GmbH
Sports Rights and License Management - LiVe - AScorpi GmbH

Stadium Advertisement Management

Manage every advertisment space in your stadium separately with LiVe. Your sales team can see all available spacesin real-time to help them close deals faster. LiVe’s powerful analytics enables you to see advertising performance by business partner, by space and by matchday.

TV Rights Management

TV Rights become more and more the revenue foundation of any sports club or organisation. Our long experience in managing TV-Rights for the biggest Film Studios and Broadcasters, along with our strong experience in the Sports licensing business, have made the foundation for our LiVe system to be a perfect place to manage your TV rights. Leading functionalities used by media companies worldwide are now available for the sports industry at your fingertip.

Sports Rights and License Management - LiVe - AScorpi GmbH

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