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We help you exceed your brand licensing sales and royalty projections by letting you focus on what really matters.

In addition to LiVe’s cross-industry functionalities, here you can find specialized features supporting your individual industry needs. 

Completly digital contract management

Manage your brand licensing deals in all territories and currencies, for any period, exclusive or non – exclusive. Completly digital and all in one single place.

LiVe also supports you when you are using an agency for your rights and royalties or if you are an agency by yourself.

Corporate and Brand Licensing - LiVe - AScorpi GmbH
Corporate and Brand Licensing - LiVe - AScorpi GmbH

Keep worry-free control of your business with automated billing due lists

LiVe incoroporates a complete deal management platform so that for every royalty period, based on the statements provided and contract created, the system will automatically prepare the final invoice for your customer. This allows you to track your business and your deals and never lose money.

Save time with efficient product workflow

After guaranteeing your brand license to a partner, they can make product and design proposals. With LiVe, you can work togheter on different products at the same time and stay updated, in realtime, of any changes. This helps you reduce the go-to-market time of your products and as a result,  maximizes your revenues.   

Corporate and Brand Licensing - LiVe - AScorpi GmbH

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