Our passion is to create perfect solutions and make them accessible to everyone.

We support small licensing companies by granting remarkable discounts on our already unparalleled and attractive price for small user numbers.

No minimum number of users required!

Pay as you grow!


149 €

90 €

per month, per user

From 1st to 3rd user

All funcionalities included

System monitoring

Data migration support

User support


149 €

105 €

per month, per user

From 4th to 6th user

All funcionalities included

System monitoring

Data migration support

User support


149 €

per month, per user

From 7th user

All funcionalities included

System monitoring

Data migration support

User support

External Collaboration

Communicate and collaborate efficiently with your business partners at all stages of your licensing process.
Only for
7,50 €
per month, per external user with limited authorizations/functions
Technology Base Pack

Cloud Service

SAP technology

Insurance coverage

System Hosting

Dedicated Hardware

Backup Service

Software licenses

Pre-tailored system

390 € per month, fixed price
Base price for your system instance,
all sizes - one price.
Prices do no include VAT

Our best features always available to you

All your rights in one single solution

Advanced Analytics in Real-time

Automated contract management

Product design collaboration

Immediate Rights Availability

Automatic royalty calculation

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact us here or call us on +49 8921666990. We will be very happy to learn more about you and arrange your start into a new LiVe.

We believe that once you have discovered the advantages of LiVe you will stay with us without being trapped in a neverending contract.

Although we have put in a lot of configuration and development to create LiVe and let it cover industry best practices and therefore your licensing needs, the standard contract duration is only 2 years.

Besides granting each client their own instance within the system and supporting you with data migration, the short 2 year standard duration makes also sense in order to stabilize your processes and optimize system usage.

In case you might want to have more safety in running the system we would be able to allow contracts up to a maximum duration of 7 years. After the end of each year you can decide to add another year so that you keep the contract duration of 7 years.

Pricing for LiVe is transparent and easy. Let’s assume you want to start with 2 Users + 10 collaboration users.

The price elements are:

  • Technology base pack                 390 EUR
  • First 2 Users for 90 EUR              180 EUR
  • 10 Collab. Users 7,50 EUR             75 EUR

                                            Total           645 EUR/ Month

The base pack covers all costs related to providing a full functional system instance especially for you.
This includes costs for

  • SAP technology software
  • Software for in-memory database
  • High-end Hardware for Server, Network and Firewall including exchange of broken parts
  • Professional data center, including high level of security, fire protection, aux. power unit, high-speed network, power, internet traffic, cooling 
  • Daily backups
  • Continous System Monitoring
  • Technical User Support via hotline and ticket system
  • and more…..

The price for the base pack is only a small percentage of the overall costs you would have to invest if you would run a system of this caliber on your own. 

We want to support especially smaller companies and teams and enable this group to also participate in a professional solution for licensing, rights- and royalties management.

So in essence it does not cost less but we are covering the difference for the use of the first 1 to 6 users by providing a high discount.

No. Live is a cloud system hosted in a professional datacenter. You don’t have to worry about anything but logging in and focussing on growing your business.

We have prepared and organized everything to guarantee your business will not be affected by any technical problem which might, even if extremely unlikely, occur during our partnership with you.

We want you to be protected even in this theoretical scenario and therefore hold a multi-million liability insurance.

But, we are proud to say that we have not had any critical technical or data loss issue during our 15+ years history of running systems for our clients.

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