Licensing News in 60 seconds Episode 2:
Contract Word Template Integration

2 APR, 2020

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One problem of Licensing is the disconnection between your License Management systems and the paper contract creation. This gap has been closed by integrating Word Contract Templates into our LiVe Licensing Cloud Solution. With the option to simply download contracts as Word file, all licensing professionals can have a complete and ready-to-sign contract just in seconds, based on the information entered in the system. This allows licensing professionals to save an enourmous amount of time.  

Main advantages of Contract Word template integration: 

  • Fast access to a ready-to-sign contract 
  • Define as many templates as you want, depending on contract type
  • The word file is attached to your Contract in your LiVe solution automatically
  • No more manual contract documents creation
  • Manage serveral versions of contracts easily

Our mission is to solve problems in the management of your Rights, Royalties, and Licensing business and make licensing professionals’ life easier. And with Word integration we allow licensing professionals to save enourmous amount of time on their daily tasks. 


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